GELATO SOFT SERVE - $4.43 + tax

GELATO SUNDAE - $4.43 + tax

GELATO BARS - $4.43 + tax

GELATO TUBS - $8.85 + tax




Our gelato bars are the only stock menu items we offer. In the back of our small shop, we are constantly producing a steady rotation of these flavours. We do not throw around the words "hand crafted" haphazardly. We apply handwork to a product which traditionally would be mass produced in a factory. Every bar is molded by hand and a batch may take 6 hours or more from start to finish. In addition to our stock flavours, we also make limited runs of "Feature Bars" which are, in most cases, made once per year.



Soft serve flavours stay for only a one week period. They are not repeated until the next year. All fruit flavours are sorbets and are vegan friendly. They are made with only the real ingredients - no fruit pastes.

GELATO SOFT SERVE      (Served in cup, no topping)

Every Wednesday, we offer and new soft-serve pairing which typically is planned around the availability of seasonal Ontario fruit (eg. gooseberries, sour cherries, yellow plums, peaches, apricots, melons, etc). There is always at least one vegan option in each pairing.


While the soft serve gelato focuses on the flavour of the ingredients, the gelato sundae places emphasis on the toppings. The toppings are always changing, but the gelato remains the same - a basic but delicious fior di latte recipe. The main purpose of the sundae was also to open up the opportunity for collaborations with other local businesses.


In 2017, we introduced gelato sundaes - Fior Di Latte (Sweet milk) with a rotation of changing toppings produced from scratch in-house or by other local businesses (Kitting and the Bear, Roselle and Goûter by RA).